There is a strong thread that is responsible for making Holostik the company it is today. In a span of 28 years, we have attained the unachievable making a solid presence in the anti-counterfeiting industry and have become the largest producer of holograms in the world; all because of one thing— our research and development. R&D is considered to be the heartbeat of Holostik.

We believe in the power of research and our extensive research gives us a leading edge over others.   Holostik invests heavily in the research processes and creates new technologies with the help of its R&D team.

Our R&D activities are focused on the development of first-in-class holographic products and solutions which are efficient in combating duplicity and counterfeiting.

We have two R&D zones; the graphics lab and the master lab. These two labs are key areas of research and innovation. The teams involved in both the labs have an eye for detail and creative thought processes leading to the creation of nothing but the best!


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Graphics Lab

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Master Lab

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Manufacturing Processes

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Final Product

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Graphics Lab

The graphics lab team is involved with the designing of holograms as per the requirements and specifications of the clients. After careful study of the type of logo, the sizes, layers of security and the user industry, the team comes out with various options of the hologram and shows it to the client and once finalised, the design of the hologram is sent to the master lab.

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Master Lab

The master lab team receives the artwork from the graphics lab. It then records and shoots the hologram and prepares a glass master and SHIM (single image hologram master) which is then sent for different manufacturing processes. Image master can be created either by 2D/3D setup ot through computerised Kinemax setup.