At Holostik, utilising our R&D facilities, the customised anti-duplication solutions are designed in a manner that fulfils the requirements of the client to safeguard its products in the best possible manner.

Our solutions are tools that are 100% efficient in verifying product authenticity, preventing duplicity and combating counterfeiting of the products.

Our solutions are divided into two types:

Our collection of seamless IT-Enabled solutions include:

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Authentication is any process by which a system verifies the originality or duplicity of

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Supply Chain Management

Supply-chain management is a process that encompasses all activities right from inbound

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Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Track and Trace system is one-of-its-kind technology which helps in tracking and tracing the product

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Reward Management

Reward Management aims to fairly reward people by making and implementing strategies

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Inventory Management

Inventory management is extremely imperative as it determines the health of supply chain and also

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Warranty Management

Every year, many organisations lose millions of money due to warranty claims processing issues. There is a dire need

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Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

An integrated and effective marketing campaign is one that delivers the right message

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Payment Collection

The process of payment collection is the most crucial part of any business process. All the efforts in all the steps

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Our Product-based solutions include:

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Document and ID Security

In a world where identity documents are under a constant threat to forgery and duplicity

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Security Printing

Security printing utilises security inks to minimise/curb counterfeiting. These inks

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Packaging Personalisation | Holostik

Packaging and Personalisation

Holostik provides best in quality packaging solutions teamed up with the right security

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Product Security

At Holostik, we recognise how impotant it is to protect one’s product and understand

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Established in 1991

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5 State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities

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Serving 75+ Countries Globally

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Largest Manufacturer of Holograms

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750+ Members Workforce

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Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers

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12 Centres at Strategic Locations

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Undisputed Market Leaders