Absence of track and trace solutions leads to supply chain inefficiencies resulting in a loss of 20% working capital

Without track and trace solutions the chances of product duplication increase manifold in your supply chain

Lack of track and trace solutions in a supply chain leads to delays, errors, information silos resulting in poor efficiency

There are high chances of inventory mismanagement in absence of track and trace solutions leading to monetary losses

Absence of automated track and trace solutions leads to manual paperwork which is prone to error and time consuming hence costly for your company

Holostik track and trace solutions helps in preventing product duplication and gets an ROI of


Our Inhouse phygital solutions not just give you product authentication but also traceability across the supply chain for increased transparency & profits

Our track and trace solutions helps in reducing delays & errors in inventory management increasing company profits

Complete end-to-end traceability to overcome supply chain inefficiencies and increase brand value and revenue

Customised IT based business solution which can be integrated with third party solution to save cost & time for investing in a completely new product

99.9% cloud uptime ensures uninterrupted service resulting in efficient workload management

Technological compliance with GS1 standards which meets international requirements

Why you should choose Holostik Track and Trace Solutions

Holostik is a market leader in providing end-to-end track and trace solutions for boosting your supply chain efficiency. We provide customised track and trace system through our inhouse phygital solutions that include security hologram/label along with QR codes/barcodes. Organisations using our track and trace system have witnessed huge growth in the past few years.

We are proud to have world renowned CMMI Level 3 certification for meeting committed timeline resulting in defined process and efficient management

Offices across India with 24x7 helpdesk for offline and online support throughout the country

Flawless service & bug-free application ensures high level productivity & profits

Production of combined high security physical & digital solutions under one roof & 24x7 surveillance

Experience of more 30+ years to help brands think ahead of counterfeiters and strategically position themselves among peers

Seamless integration with customer’s existing ERP, CRM and BI tools saves time and investment



What Our Clients Say

Evaluating Track and Trace Solutions For Your Business Supply Chain?

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*With results driven from specific use cases and would vary as per implementation
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