An inefficient warranty management system increases expenses, paperwork, and ruins customer relationship once for all

Manual warranty management process is prone to errors leading to gross mismanagement

Frequent discrepancies & delays in claim settlement annoys the stakeholder impacting your brand image

Lack of real time management in the warranty claims makes the overall process slow and complex

False claims in warranty could impact business and hamper profitability of your business

Holostik warranty management system provides end-to-end warranty lifecycle management ensuring high profitability

An automated warranty management system minimizes manual effort in claim submission, parts return & payments reducing turnround time & boosting profitability

Our system improves the accuracy of your data by minimizing errors and redundancies

Screen, detect, and successfully weed out fraudulent warranty claims with the help of our automated warranty management system

Higher transparency in assessing warranty claims along with swift real time action results in a better customer relationship

Keeps a track of user complaints and queries in order to provide better customer experience

Send promotional messages to target specific customers in specific locations ensuring better communication channel

Why you should choose Holostik Warranty Management System

Holostik is renowned name in providing customised warranty management system to different organisations. Our warranty management system improves customer service levels, monitor, and mitigate fraudulent claims and improve warranty claims processes.

Leading company in the anti-counterfeit space to provide physical & digital solutions under one roof

Compatible for integration with existing ERP, CRM and BI tools saves your time and investment

99.9% cloud uptime ensures uninterrupted service resulting in efficient workload management

CMMI Level 3 certification for defined process and efficient management through weekly timeline schedules

Strengthens customer relationships, increases brand loyalty and client satisfaction

Number of successful implementations of warranty management across different industries

Globally Recognized


What Our Clients Say

*With results driven from specific use cases and would vary as per implementation
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