Holographic security labels are favourable for securing and enhancing the visual appeal of products. Security labels printed with QR codes can help with digital product authentication, warehouse management, loyalty schemes and offering other supply chain functions.

While holographic labels serve as a means to distinguish one’s brand, they can also help with regulatory adherence and anti-counterfeit actions.

Are you too, looking for an impressive security label for your product but are concerned if they would safeguard your product from counterfeiting and look attractively unique at the same time? Then you should consider purchasing security labels from an honest and accountable manufacturer with the following qualities:

-Reasonable prices and transparency

The security label manufacturer you prefer should ensure the lowest feasible rates on direct security labels without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction. Prices should not burn a hole in your pocket and must be within your budget.

Sustaining a level of translucency with regards to pacts and negotiations also builds faith and reliance between the manufacturer and the client. All prerequisites should be well-defined from the onset of the meeting and should be formally listed in an agreement.

-The highest degree of quality

No matter the requirement, you should always demand the highest quality security labels from the manufacturer. High-quality security labels can help printheads last longer, decreasing the total expense of ownership over time. There should be strict quality checks at every phase of production which would result in high-quality labels. Usage of high-quality inks, solvents, glues guarantees the ultimate quality of labels. Industrial security labels are subject to harsh environment in the supply chain, so they must be manufactured to maintain adhesion, form, and readability.

Having years of hands-on experience in providing security label manufacturing services along with encouraging reviews and responses from the firm’s recent and former customers is a pointer that your company will most probably receive the same quality of service.

Professional services

What good is cheap, deformed, ugly security labels if they peel off or fail to adhere properly? If security labels are not suited to your requirements and are not delivered on time, it is a complete waste of time and energy. If the labels are damaged during shipment, then not only would lead it to money losses but business losses as well.

Therefore, choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important as the adept industry experience, expert service and honest commitment help you optimize your security label expenses and such mishaps are kept at bay. We provide live, expert support whenever you need it so that any issue you face can be resolved as quickly as possible.

If you do not want a drop-down in your sales and brand trust due to duplication, then you must consider authentic and striking security labels from a reputed & reliable label supplier.

Holostik is a reputed name in providing customized security labels to different industries. We abide by highest manufacturing standards and have world-class infrastructure to meet your demands. To know more, call us on 09905124124 or visit us at www.holostik.com

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