Increase in sale


Drop in duplication


ROI for our solutions


Supply chain visibility

Your product is highly unsafe in poor quality pouches & this can destroy your business

High incidents of leakage and spillage

Chances of adulteration and tampering

Complete loss of your investment

Holostik holographic pouches keeps your product safe & can help you increase sales by up to 41%

  • Holographic features for product security
  • Made from highly durable material to prevent leakage
  • Keep your product safe throughout the supply chain
  • Unique designs for high aesthetic appeal

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What makes Holostik holographic security pouches unique

Holostik introduced holography to India in 1991 and has pioneered the industry ever since. We have complete in-house capabilities ranging from R&D, designing and manufacturing to substrate and IT development.
Only company with mastering, metalizing and embossing performed in-house under 24/7 surveillance
3D patterns developed with the use of nano-optical imaging for advanced product security
Generic, custom and spot patterns with transparency for endless design possibilities
Seamless integration with in-built supply chain visibility features
In-built layers of overt and covert features to combat product counterfeiting
Superior aesthetic appeal owing to decades of R&D innovation


Gusset Pouche

Gusset Pouche

Side-seal Pouches

Side-seal Pouches

Center-seal Pouches

Center-seal Pouches

Standing Product Pouches

Standing Product Pouches

Globally Recognized

CMMI Level 3
GS-1 Compliant

Tailored to your Industry

With an ever-growing economy, India's top manufacture rely on us for product security and supply chain management.

Trusted by 10,000+ brands

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