Your product is highly unsecure in normal pouches which makes it prone to counterfeiting and poor brand image

Generic pouches without security features can be easily copied leading to product duplication & poor sales

Poor quality pouches cannot withstand harsh environment and thus get damaged easily risking your product quality

There are high chances of spillage & leakage from poor quality pouches resulting in poor product quality

Contents in poor quality pouches can be easily adulterated and contaminated risking the health of end consumers

Holostik holographic pouches prevent duplication & enhance aesthetics resulting in high sale

Use of high-quality holographic security in making pouches to prevent counterfeiting and boost sales

Incorporation of flexible printing and optical features to provide high aesthetics & differentiate the product on the shelf

Use of high-quality holographic films and adhesives to minimize the chances of leakage or spillage thus keeping the product intact

Highly customizable as per your product and brand’s packaging requirements

Use of 4th generation nano optical holography to boost the security & aesthetics of your product

Holographic transfer laminate paper pouches along with registered printing

Why you should choose Holostik Holographic Pouches

Holostik is a renowned name in providing high quality Holographic security pouches for different industries. Incorporated with holography the pouches are perfect packaging solutions to counter product duplication. Over the years our holographic pouches are being used across various industries. We can offer such pouches in different variants as per your specific needs and requirements.

Only company in India with mastering, metallizing, and embossing performed in house under 24x7 surveillance

Pioneers of 4 generations of holographic technology in India adds to our credibility

Holostik Chairman awarded Brian Monaghan Award from the Global Authority on Holography- IHMA

Superior aesthetic appeal owing to decades of R&D innovation enhances the point of sale visibility of your product

One of the largest global manufacturers of holographic products

Founder member of HoMAI now ASPA (Authentication Solutions Providers’ Association)


Globally Recognized


What Our Clients Say

Evaluating Holographic Pouches For Your Products?

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