Poor inventory management system leads to plethora of inefficiencies such as disrupted supply chain visibility, manual processes & unwanted delays which drastically impact profitability

An inefficient inventory management system leads to wastage of raw materials & company resources resulting in financial losses

There are high chances of supply chain disruption due to poor visibility of inventory management system leading to supply delays

A weak inventory management system causes errors in supply chain leading to poor raw material planning

A substandard inventory management system is unable to synchronize product supply according to demand volatility

Holostik inventory management system improves inventory accuracy, increases cash flow, and saves time for productivity

Combined inhouse physical digital solutions to track complete journey of inventory from production to end consumer for comprehensive management

Defined process and efficient management with stage wise weekly report and accurate schedules for enhanced production outputs

Real time overview of product inventory in different stages of the supply chain ensures unhindered flow of inventory without delays

Data driven insights into stock management and distribution of raw materials across different units of production leads to timely output

Proper utilization of raw materials and reduced manual work helps in saving costs and time of your organisation

A decent inventory management system provides maximum satisfaction to your clients ensuring better brand image & profits in the form of repeat clients

Why you should choose Holostik Inventory Management System

Holostik is a leading player in providing customised inventory management solutions. We provide inventory management solutions through our smart labels and holograms. Being a CMMI Level 3 certified company, we abide by defined processes and efficient management system for enhanced productivity and profits.

Compatibility for integration with existing ERP, CRM and BI tools saves your time and investment

Leading anti-counterfeiting company manufacturing physical and digital solutions under one roof

Complete inhouse IT infrastructure to provide seamless service and bug free application

Optimum scalability of 100% ensures error free management of stocks and minimum wastage of raw materials in the supply chain

24x7 surveillance of client’s assets in the supply chain to maintain complete confidentiality

Offices in pan India with 24x7 helpdesk online and offline support to provide prompt services to customers

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