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Revenue loss of around

₹63.09 billion

in 2014

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The alcoholic beverages industry incurred a loss of

₹141.4 billion

in FY 2013-2014

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The government incurred a total tax loss of

₹25.1 billion

in the year 2012

Source : Report titled “Emerging Challenges to Legitimate Business in the Borderless World” by FICCI CASCADE

The problem with fake liquor is that it poses a lot of serious health effects. , it can cause anything from nausea to blindness and even death.  Fake alcoholic goods are prepared from cheap alcohol like chemicals used in cleaning fluids, nail polish removers, and methanol etc.

We strongly oppose fake alcohols and drinking the same should be avoided at all costs through products like:

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Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. The liquor industry loses millions of money, consumers and brand image due to the replicas of their products.

Security Holograms are perfect solutions to provide security, authentication and protection against counterfeit.

We at Holostik, utilise the latest security technologies and techniques, thus making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to create copies of original products and forge documents protected by holograms. Being a pioneer of this technology, we have developed many products and solutions to combat counterfeiting, duplication etc.

Our exclusive range of tamper-evident holograms ensures the identification of fake products. Any effort to peel it and reuse lead to the destruction of the hologram and makes the tampering visible. These are available in standard & customised designs and offered at economical prices. We use the latest holographic techniques to provide the best anti counterfeit protection for brands and documents. We have an expert R&D programme and offers a wide range of authentication products to combat counterfeiting that helps to protect brands and documents.

Security holograms of Holostik can be used in all bottles of wine, beer, whiskey and all other alcoholic products. These holograms can be applied either at the mouth or at the body of the bottle. Security of all liquor products should be compulsory rather than choice as drinking counterfeited alcohol is potentially hazardous and can cause death.

A great label acts as a magnet in compelling the customer to buy your product over others.

We, at Holostik, offer a comprehensive assortment of labels to fulfil all requirements using our state-of-the-art technologies with expertise in self-adhesive films.

Labels not only renders a unique brand identification but also helps in placing important information like instructions, warnings and other important information. Using our state-of-the-art facilities and expert R&D team, our labels are manufactured which gives the customers utmost confidence to use them.

Our labels are also available with customer-specific visible and hidden security features integrated into the labels to maximise security against tampering and counterfeiting. We provide a large range of labels for the liquor industry that are suitable for all types of applications.

We provide labels that are:

  • Weather proof, UV proof
  • Able to stick onto oily surfaces
  • Resistant to fluids, acids and solvents
  • Resistant to oil, chemicals and cleaning agents
  • Equipped with hidden security features

Security labels of Holostik can be used in all bottles of wine, beer, whiskey and all other alcoholic products. These labels can be applied either at the mouth or at the body of the bottle. Security of all liquor products should be compulsory rather than choice as drinking counterfeited alcohol is potentially hazardous and can cause death.

Shrink sleeves for liquor industry are water proof and resistive to scratch. They are also eco-friendly, flexible, stable performance, flame retardant, quick sink and corrosion resistant. Our shrink sleeves comes with a holographic strip that immediately gives the sign of tampering which makes it a reliable solution against counterfeiting.

Holostik’s shrink sleeves offer unique identification to the products. These are customised according to the specifications of the clients. It also provides enhanced security and tampering identification.

Shrink sleeves offer strong visual branding opportunities in contrast to conventional labels. Shrink sleeves allow maximum creativity and is a perfect tool to carry both revitalised brand identity as well as product information.

Shrink sleeves offer a barrier to unwanted entry, maintain product integrity, quality and protection. In addition, tamper evident seals add a level of security against counterfeiting. Shrink sleeve applicators are widely-used for cap sealing, complete bottle sleeving, full body sleeving, as well as fixed middle-body sleeving.

Holostik’s shrink sleeves are:

  • Extremely versatile integrated adjustment design of the transmission for accommodating different shrink sleeve specifications
  • Easy change-over for reduced downtime
  • Seamless integration with capping and labelling units in the same line

Tax stamps are been used widely by governments. In 2013, approximately 81 countries worldwide used tax stamps. Governments need to control the illicit trade in alcohol due to the danger that counterfeit alcohol poses to the health of the public. Moreover, the tax revenue lost due to the illicit trade in alcohol is huge. A lot of research data and studies have suggested that there are huge tax revenue losses due to illicit trade of alcohol in India.

We have developed an exclusive array of specialised Tax Stamps utilising advanced technology. Incorporated with extensive security features, these stamps offer a cost-effective solution against the threat of counterfeiting and duplicity for governments worldwide. These tax stamps are technically sophisticated owing to the perfect design of joint micro-embossed printed stamp and use of high security OVD as a hologram.

Our tax stamps are cost-effective solutions for governments worldwide. Owing to their requirements, we design and implement solutions that optimise government income from excise programmes.

We provide the best tax stamp design with multi-level verification devices, and full track and trace functionality. They are highly efficient in safeguarding important information from alteration.

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