Your premium quality products can suffer from low sales due to poor aesthetics

Generic packaging films fail to boost product appeal resulting in less customer base & subsequent loss of sales

Ordinary films made of low-quality raw materials get damaged easily affecting the product aesthetics & brand perception

Generic films without security features lead to product duplication resulting in monetary losses

Poor quality packaging films fail to increase your overall brand image in the eyes of consumers

Holostik UV-embossed films enhance product aesthetics, boost sales & help redefine consumer relationships

Special UV emboss effects enhance the aesthetics of films resulting in strong brand visibility to differentiate your product on the shelf

Durable special effects in the film can withstand extreme conditions making the film last until the product’s life

Combination of lens, PRI, CRI effects in the film makes your product look unique amongst competing brands

Only company to provide anti-duplication letter lens feature in the customised artwork of the film to prevent duplication

Capability to provide films in wide range of thickness to ensure deep lens depth & enhanced 3D effects for their use in various applications

Highly customizable to your brand and packaging needs makes our films popular within a large consumer base

Why you should choose Holostik UV-Embossed Films

Holostik is a key player in catering customised, generic & customised-generic UV-embossed films in metallized and transparent forms. We have end-to-end cost-effective master making and UV embossing facilities & abide by highest quality standards to deliver supreme UV-embossed films on time.

A wide range of films available up to a width of 1450 mm used in commercial printing, packaging & other applications

Master shoot capability of 6.37 lakhs dpi to incorporate nano optical images (NOI) in the film boosting security

Winner of prestigious IFCA packaging awards for UV embossed film based folding cartons and labels

Capability to incorporate convex, concave & multi-curvature lens in the film to enhance your brand image and grab consumer attention

Highly skilled inhouse team of designers to develop unique 3D designs in the film to enhance visual appeal & grab your consumers’ attention

Capability to fulfil high volume of customer’s requirements in less time


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