Due to the rise of fake products globally, it has become highly important to use product authentication solutions. Some of the widely used product authentication solutions include smart labels or holograms. These solutions help in instant product authentication and has multiple benefits. In this blog, we have discussed how product authentication can boost your business growth.  

Prevents counterfeiting, tampering and diversion.

Product authentication prevents the sales of fake products. It also brings down the chances of tampering, adulteration and diversion. In the anti-counterfeiting industry product authentication is of two types i.e. physical and digital. While physical product authentication is done through holography, security inks and other overt and covert features, digital authentication utilises QR codes, bar codes etc. The latest trend in product authentication is an amalgamation of physical and digital authentication for example a product label or hologram with QR code.  

Ensures smooth functioning of the supply chain 

QR code-based security labels or holograms allows you to instantly verify the genuineness of the product. This functionality helps in easy authentication of products at different stages of the supply chain. Integrated security hologram or label has both holographic and digital features. While the digital features can be scanned with the help of mobile based scanner or machines, the holographic features are verified by supply chain inspectors etc. 

Empowers your end consumer 

Due to the rise of counterfeiting across the world, your consumer is always at the risk of receiving fake products. Smart labels or holograms affixed to your products help in instantly verifying the genuineness of the product. This increases the consumer’s trust in your brand. Besides this you can also offer a wide range of supply chain management solutions through smart labels or holograms.

Holostik is a leading player in catering product authentication through holography and digital QR codes. Our integrated authentication solutions provide double edged security for your products. We also offer supply chain solutions like warranty management, inventory management, loyalty management, marketing/promotional campaign and many more. 

To know more about product authentication solutions, you can call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com.   

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