Inventory management is the management of stock and inventory. It is an important part of supply chain management and includes different aspects such as controlling and supervising inventory, storage of inventory and controlling the amount of product for sale.

Inventory management is important for the success of a company. It helps the organization to effectively manage its cash flows, monitor its production, manage its raw materials and assess the quantity of the end product to be supplied for the end-consumer.

Today, Holostik is not just known as a leader in providing cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting solutions but is also known for providing IT-enabled supply chain management solutions. Among a long list of IT-enabled solutions, Holostik caters customised and robust inventory management solutions. Before providing the inventory management solution to its client Holostik deeply researches and studies different aspects of the client’s supply chain. Only after many rounds of brainstorming sessions, Holostik provides an exclusive customised inventory management solution to the client.

Now let’s understand the process of inventory management system through the following steps:

  • The inventory management system starts right from the raw material stage to the final finished product stage. With the help of an inventory management system, a manufacturer in real time can easily know the quantity of raw material converted into the product on the production floor.
  • The manufacturer is also aware of the quantity of product which goes from the production floor to the warehouse and in the distribution channel.
  • The span of this system goes up to the retailer. The system helps the manufacturer in ascertaining the inventory of the system at each stage of the supply chain.
  • The inventory management system provides better decision-making power to the company owner. He or she can effectively strategize and manage the entire production and distribution process with much ease.
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