The product labels are normally designed to showcase the product information & enhance brand appeal by having multi-coloured graphic design, logo & a list of product ingredients, but do they really excite customer & help you drive traffic towards your brand? Today the challenge for brands lies in replacing the three seconds of ‘at-shelf’ experience with a meaningful social media message to drive e-commerce growth & increase customer engagement loops. With continual technology upgradations, the scope of a product label in branding & consumer engagement is constantly getting upgraded too. Let us explore some of them:

1. Consumer engagement is a two-way communication process

Product labels now can be used for implementing loyalty schemes, offers, discounts coupons, provide information on recipes, using QR Codes / NFC/RFID & Block Chain. Brands should consider these tools to build a deeper relationship with consumers alongside an understanding of their products which will help them increase their consumer base and a surge in sales and profits. 

For example, a scannable label carrying Facebook Messenger codes allows consumers to connect directly to the Brand’s Facebook Messenger page, via their smartphones, and interact with a sophisticated ‘chat bot’ driven by artificial intelligence software. Besides offering consumers a personalized, login-free engagement via their Facebook profiles, this ‘Chat-Bot” can also provide product information, get customer feedback & engage customer by facilitating entry to the ‘Spin and Win’ competition

2. Giving back to your customers

There are many ways in which you can give back to your customers, some of which can be included into the label design. For example, you could include coupons for special offers using peel and reveal label design, or you could use the same label technology to create booklets for customers to fill out for a competition. Another option is to use QR code printing technology& link it to a social media page or a website which will provide the customer with the ability to fill out a form and take part in the competition.

3. Prevent Counterfeiting & Anti Tampering & Prevent Adulteration

Counterfeiting is a social evil & most brands are not secure against it. They are also spending heavily to counter the menace of counterfeiting. Product labels can incorporate security features like holography, security inks, guilloche patterns, digital QR codes and much more to prevent counterfeiting, tampering, adulteration etc. This boosts your company’s profits, enhances your brand’s image, and most importantly increases your consumer base.

4. Supply chain visibility & Managing Product Warranty, Marketing Campaign Etc.

Product labels incorporated with QR codes or bar codes can help in the implementation of supply chain management solutions, warranty management solution, authentication solutions, marketing campaigns, payment collection & so much more.

Look at this latest example of how a product label can change the customer perception about your brand. Here is how it all works:


  1. The Word  “100% WHEY” comes out so clear that it draws customers attention towards it.

  2. The Lens design depicting the human body is thoughtfully crafted to depict the power the product gives to the customer.

  3. This is followed by a lenticular certification design which instils the sense of trust & increases consumer confidence.

  4. Lastly, “Scan Me” QR Code takes customer to the brand website where customer engagement activity & customer feedback cycle can be initiated very easily.

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