Most marketers will agree to the fact that applying branding to products is very important. Shrink sleeves is the best option if you are thinking about great coverage for your products. In the past few years, this form of labelling has garnered immense popularity precisely because of the way it looks very classy. If you are still brainstorming for the best branding method for your containers, shrink sleeves are the way to go! These are usually printed colored labels applied with heat so that the label takes the form of the container or can where you are applying.

Types Of Shrink Sleeves:

There are quite a few variants, however, some of the most popular ones include:


  1. Neck-Band Sleeves:

These are very often addressed as tamper-evident sleeves. There is an extra layer of protection that goes over the neck of the container in the form of a label.


  1. Multi-Pack Sleeves: 

As the name suggests, these labels are usually wrapped around multiple products of the same genre as it helps in classification.


  1. Full Body Shrink Sleeves: 

Most commonly known as the shrink sleeves, these labels are usually wrapped around the entire container. However, the inclusion of the cap is a personal preference.


  1. Partial Body Sleeves:

These are also commonly addressed as belly bands, and most often they cover a part of the container but not the entire body.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeve Packaging:

Although a little bit new in the industry, shrink sleeve packaging has garnered a lot of popularity because of the following benefits:


  • They help to give the product a unique as well as classy branding. The inclusivity of the brand gets the best representation.
  • With a neck-back or any other heat shrink label, your product becomes temper-evident. It further enhances consumer confidence in your products.
  • The shrink sleeves packaging can easily be recycled as well. Hence, unlike other forms of packaging, these are extremely sustainable.
  • You can trust the durability of shrink sleeves with closed eyes. The material shrink sleeves are made up is extremely durable. The manufacturers use materials like plastic films and polyester in the production of this kind of labelling. It means shrink sleeves can stand harsh conditions like humidity and extreme temperature without leaving an impact on the product.

Which Industries Use Shrink Sleeve Packaging?

The use of shrink sleeve packaging is quite widespread, and you can find the following industries using them on a widespread scale:


  1. The food and beverage industry
  2. Personal care as well as beauty industries.
  3. Major leading home care brands.
  4. Pet Care Industry
  5. Automotive industries produce substances like cleaners and additives.


What is The Application Process of Shrink Sleeves?

It is a very technical process and usually involves the work of special machines. During application, the sleeve is placed over the product and then the heat-shrink process and steam tunnel upholds the label to the product’s body very smoothly.

Trust only the Best

In case, you also are interested in shrink sleeve labelling for your products but are worried about which option to choose from, it is best that you trust the experts. Holostik has been serving in the industry for quite some time and have developed expertise in shrink sleeve manufacturing. All our packages are affordable, and this ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of money. Printed shrink sleeves are the future of labelling and the persona it adds to your products is simply remarkable.

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