Hot stamping foil has the potential to bring several benefits to product packaging.


With foil stamping for your product, it will differ from another packaging. Metal foil or colour foils provide an attractive beauty and sophistication to each packaging and give it a stunning appearance. Combining that with other designs, such as embossed designs can make your product look outstanding.


Additionally, foil stamping can be used in a variety of ways. Hot stamping foil is durable and resistant to moisture and scratches. You can apply it to different types of packages to maintain its shine.


The hot-foil stamping is the ideal method to mark your impression and add an air of sophistication by applying either a bright and appealing gloss or subtle matte foil stamping.

Are you ready to utilize hot stamping foil for packaging?

Are you impressed by the unique appeal of hot-foil stamping and seeking to utilize this long-standing technique to enhance the quality of your packaging? Consider Holostik for your packaging needs.


Holostik has a team of experts with decades of expertise in developing and designing packaging materials that use different printing techniques or foil stamping. The team ensures that the package is flawlessly creating the brand’s identity, message, and more.


The team has great experience in enhancing the packaging of your products with hot foil stamping and different kinds of printing that will make your customers more likely to buy.

The reason to choose Holostik holographic hot stamping foils

Holostik provides the most effective Holographic hot stamping foils for packaging. Utilizing the finest materials, these foils can prevent counterfeiting, stand up to the harsh elements and raise awareness among consumers, boosting your business’s expansion. They are used for various purposes, such as private documents such as debit cards, credit cards, product labels, garments, government IDs and many others.


  • The largest producers of holographic products
  • Founding member of HoMAI, currently ASPA (Authentication Solutions Providers’ Association)
  • Flexible enough to accommodate the various requirements of packaging for your brand.
  • Holostik Chairman presented with Brian Monaghan Award by the Global Authority on Holography- IHMA.
  • 24×7 security for your trademarks, logos and assets and other assets.
  • Durable and cost-effective product that complies with international standards

“Holostik holographic hot stamping foils provide security & aesthetics, resulting in high sales and increased brand value.”

Some special characteristics of Holostik hot stamping foils

  • Hot stamping foils with holographic design deter fraud of documents, IDs issued by the government authorities, and other documents that need absolute security.
  • High-quality holographic hot stamping foils increase the visual appeal of your products, thus increasing the value of your brand and sales.
  • Fourth Generation nano optical Holography gives you the best security and aesthetics that sets your products apart from others.
  • The ability to verify the authenticity check of the product by contacting various partners within this production system.

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