A common and frequently cited misconception regarding revenue stamps is that they’re a great instrument to secure documents and goods from counterfeiting. The dark side is that revenue stamps are as vulnerable to being counterfeited as the product itself.

The Need for Secure Revenue Stamps

With the growing duplication of revenue stamps and the tampering with original products or documents, it has become essential to opt for secure revenue stamps.

Digital Revolution and Revenue Stamps

While digital transformation has made it easier to produce bulk quantities of revenue stamps, it also has negative effects on the safety of stamps for tax purposes. The simpler it is to design a revenue stamp using digital technologies, the easier it is for counterfeiters to duplicate them.


The various sizes and designs of revenue stamps are an amazing illustration of the way revenue stamps have changed over time. Hence, making it secure with the latest technologies is also essential to prevent any tampering and counterfeiting activities.

Different Usage of Secure Revenue Stamps

Revenue stamps are an essential part of our lives. Revenue stamps began as paper items intended for use with anything but later transformed into different designs for various items. Many people are not conscious that the common post stamp which is found for letters and packages is an example of a tax-paying stamp. A third example of revenue stamps used in the present is perhaps the most well-known which is the tobacco and alcohol stamp.


Revenue stamps today are available in a variety of designs and essential security elements for the authenticity of documents or products. Similar to any other method of counterfeiting, the most efficient method of security revenue stamps offer is to include several layers of digital security.

Holostik’s Anti-Counterfeit Strategy for Revenue Stamps

As a result of technological advancements within the industry, authorities had to incorporate anti-counterfeit features on the revenue stamps. These components together make it difficult to copy.


Revenue stamps might not have been created with anti-counterfeit techniques with anti-counterfeit strategies in mind, however, in looking back on their history, it is possible to say that the origins of anti-counterfeit strategies were rooted in the need to collect taxes and stop the illegal trade.


The multi-layered anti-counterfeit approach of Holostik has its roots in the pyramid of security. The pyramid comprises 3 levels of security against counterfeits that governments also include in revenue stamps.

Holostik revenue stamps prevent duplication & simplify excise collection

  • The holography of revenue stamps makes it easy to identify the original products or documents.
  • Digital tracking makes it simple to track the supply chain’s inventory levels to minimize product tampering.
  • Reduces government expenditure on security budgets to ensure the integrity of liquor production and supply.
  • Eliminates the danger of the sale of fake liquor, thereby decreasing the risk of hooch-related tragedies.
  • Machine-readable encryption code that provides an instant and secure confirmation. It stops the circulation of duplicate copies.
  • A robust material for revenue stamps that ensures that there is no tampering in any supply chain.

Why you should select Holostik’s Revenue Stamps

Holostik is a famous company that supplies highly secure revenue stamps for governmental and non-governmental organizations. Revenue stamps provided by Holostik have played a crucial part in collecting excise tax, and also in the reduction of hooch and duplication incidents. DSIR (Government of India) and CMMI Level 3 certifications of Holostik ensure the unmatchable quality of its revenue stamps. Experts in anti-counterfeiting, carefully examine the possible issues and implement the most-advanced strategies to deliver secure revenue stamps.


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