Without packaging, the product and the brand cannot sustain in the market. A robust packaging not only protects the product from any kind of physical damage but also add a visual appeal which makes it saleable.

Today, almost all the products in the market come in packaged form, leaving aside the ones which are usually sold loose. Different kinds of packaging solutions are required for different kinds of products. Among the many packaging products and solutions shrink sleeves have become an ideal choice for packaging products in industries like beverages, food, dairy, paint, cosmetics, detergents etc. Holostik is a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art customised holographic shrink sleeves to different industries.

As their name suggests, shrink sleeve shrink down or conform tightly according to the shape of the container or the bottle thus serving the purpose of a sleeve label and packaging product. Holographic shrink sleeves have holographic properties which make them highly secure against any kind of counterfeiting, adulteration and tampering.

One of the biggest advantages of shrink sleeves is that they offer 360-degree branding and offer comprehensive visibility to the product. This kind of exposure is not possible in other forms of packaging products like labels. The most difficult tasks for product packagers is to apply labelling on bottles with odd shapes. This is where shrink sleeves conform tightly to the shape of the container and adhere according to any kind of shapes. If the design is planned well, the shrink sleeves can add life to the product making it stand out from the rest.

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