3D holograms are the talk of the town in every business sector nowadays. According to a survey, the size of the global anti-counterfeit packaging market is estimated to witness a surge from USD 106.3 billion now to USD 188.2 billion by the end of 2025. Why? The answer is simple. Today competition in every business sector is fierce. To remain ahead of others, business owners believe that boosting consumer engagement is a must.

The same old advertising techniques are not going to work. 3D holographic technology is the newest avenue that can increase sales & protect the authenticity of a product. A 3D hologram can authenticate your products in seconds and impress your potential customers with its high-built quality and visual appeal.

Perks of 3D Holograms and why you must use it for taking your business to new heights.

  • Most cost-effective solution to use

3D holograms have hidden features within the hologram itself and have embedded security marks. Recreating it with a photocopier is not possible. Therefore, it is a very cost-effective security solution that will safeguard your brand against counterfeiters quickly, without hassle.

  • Modern features

Do you know that 3D holograms are customizable according to a company’s requirements? The best thing is, 3D holograms today come with digital QR codes, barcodes, and tracking features which make warehouse & supply chain management much easier.

  • Suitable for various sectors

According to a report published by the Statista Research Department, annual sales losses from counterfeiting in 2020 in the pharmaceutical industry amounted to 10.2 billion euros & the clothing industry 26.3 billion euros.

To combat these counterfeiters, different sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food medical technology, telecommunications, banking, automotive, Liquor, etc., today use 3D holograms.

  • Overt, covert, and digital features

3D Holograms have layers of security features, are attractive, and are encrypted that makes forgery difficult. With features like full colour, moving display, three-dimensional images, individual customized text, and serial numbers, illegal replication becomes impossible.

  • Reliable, durable, tamper-resistant

The best thing about 3D holograms is that they are tamper evident. Therefore, attempts to tamper with the 3D holograms can be effortlessly recognized. So why not upgrade your product packaging with a 3D hologram? Use it to see the increase in ROI now!

  • Marketing with attractive designing plus security

The 3D holograms today offer visuals that have the potential to grab attention, inform, promote, and even entertain customers. Therefore, to draw the customers’ attention and increasing interaction, these 3D holographic holograms remain unparalleled.

  • Difficult to make but easy to check

Creating a 3D holograms is very technical and time-consuming. These 3D holograms are made with the latest technology & can be integrated with other technologies.

To conclude

Customers today trust companies that care about the quality of their products and use 3D holograms for packaging. Now, this trustworthiness in your business leads to loyal customers. Result? Buyers quickly recognize your products as top-quality and make a purchase fast.

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