Besides safeguarding your products, security labels render a stylish appearance due to their vibrant appearance. Security labels are cost-effective and can be made in desired size and shape. With tamper-evidence features, it is easy to tell whether a security label has been altered or not which helps determine the counterfeit or used product.


Security labels have many advantages. However, they could all be wasted if you do not choose a reputed label manufacturer. When selecting a security label and seal supplier, be sure it’s an authorised company and is knowledgeable about the standards of label production. Selecting the right company will create a myriad of benefits for your business.


Only experts in security labels will be aware of techniques used to create original security seals or labels that cannot be copied. The best security label makers are well-versed in multiple printing methods, such as hot foil printing, U.V, holography, digital QR codes, and much more.


Security labels or security seals help to safeguard your product from counterfeiting

The most important reason to use security labels is to prevent counterfeiting. Using a security label will significantly decrease the possibility of the label being used as unapproved merchandise or prevent its disappearance without any trace to guarantee permanent identification. Security labels or anti-counterfeit seals are also useful indicators to confirm the authenticity of the product.


“Product labels without security features are unable to build consumer’s trust in the brand.”


Security seals or security labels are among the most popular packaging devices for creating brand identity and interaction with customers. Today, brands need to give complete information on the product with a unique approach.


High-security features in labels & seals for added protection against counterfeiting

 Overt/Visible Features

The word “overt” is a reference to something that is visible, not hidden. It is visible to the naked eye. Such features include amazing visual effects, along with including an impressive array of 3D options to offer greater security. Overt features are the initial protection against counterfeiting. The user can quickly identify the fake product by using these features. Here are a few popular overt features:


  • Guilloche Pattern
  • 3D Mirror
  • Micro text
  • Barcode


“Use of micro-text, anti-copy background, invisible U.V., guilloche pattern makes duplication nearly impossible.”


Covert/Invisible Features

Covert features give you better protection against counterfeiting through the addition of a layer of protection that is invisible. These are small, hand-held devices that personnel is able to carry to verify the original product on the spot. Some popular covert features are:


  • Security printing features
  • Invisible U.V.
  • Encrypted pattern
  • Coin reactive


Forensic features

This feature requires special lab equipment to read and therefore is virtually unnoticeable. To authenticate a security label or seal through forensic features, it requires to be examined with specialized tools, like an ultra-powerful microscope.


The security labels or seals are extremely sophisticated and are brimming with advanced technologies that protect your products from counterfeits or duplications.


Holostik caters to various applications for product labels, including apparel tags, wine labels, FMCG labels, and numerous others. Security labels, as well as secure seal labels, can be customised in terms of substrate, design, application method, or adhesive type according to the various needs of customers.

Our advanced security labels provide protection against tampering and also include additional information about the product or branding. They are available in a variety of types to meet the requirements of customers.

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