Did you know in India incidents related to counterfeit/forged documents are more than the incidents reported on fake agro or automotive products. (Source ASPA)


Considering the big threat to the security of your documents, how do you ensure they remain safe? What are the security measures, that you have incorporated into your business to safeguard confidential information and products?


Lack of security in the packaging of products or documents can result in forgery, adulteration, poor sales, and counterfeiting.


This is where security printing comes into the picture. It is an advanced technology utilizing holography, complex design patterns, invisible inks, sequential numbering, covert elements, and other such features to deter forgers/counterfeiters from breaching your security.


“Holostik provides advanced varieties of security inks with high counterfeit resilience to prevent forgery and replication ensuring security of your documents & products”


Let’s discuss some benefits of using security printing technology by government, business organizations, and educational institutions for securing their documents and business processes.

1. Ensures safe product packaging

Security printing features work out well in enhancing the security of products. A combination of different security printing features makes the products highly secure from any sort of duplication.


The advanced graphic designs, patterns, and images developed through sophisticated graphic software add to the overall security. A top security printing company offers end-to-end services in getting secured printing and packaging services for their clients.


The addition of holographic hot stamping or holographic transfer further adds to the security of packaging. Nano optical holograms include features that are nearly impossible to replicate even with advanced reprographic machines. Our experts make sure that your products are completely safe from getting tampered with or forged.


2. Secures documents from forgery

Confidential documents like stock certificates, identity documents, financial documents, educational certificates, and non-judicial stamp papers are very critical when it comes to security.


Individuals, financial institutions, business enterprises, educational centers, and consumers need to integrate security printing solutions to keep documents safe and secure. Any kind of tampering or forging of documents can lead to a breach of information integrity and financial losses.


Security printing solutions in the form of holograms, bar code, security fiber, watermark, and verified numbering provide security to all kinds of documents. Forgers have a difficult time copying information, and products, wherever security printing features are embedded.


3. Improves the look and feel of the product packaging

Products need to have an aesthetic and unique feature to gain the attention of consumers. Security printing brings visual appeal to the packaging of products and documents. The incorporation of different kinds of logos, designs, graphical elements, artwork, and colors attracts customers.


“Holostik is certified by Indian Banking Association which ensures our technical prowess to deliver optimum security printing features in documents and labels”


Different market trends suggest that consumers are attracted to products that look visually attractive. Our team of experts can implement appealing designs and patterns in product packaging to make it look attractive.


If you are eager to know more about our security printing capabilities, anti-counterfeit products, or digital solutions, call us at 9905-124-124, or send us a mail at marcom@holostik.com  

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