Do you wish for a high sales growth for your products? We know every manufacturer wants a steady business growth, a strong brand image, and unshakable consumer trust. But have you ever thought about what it takes to make your brand a hit in the market? Well, there are multiple reasons like a well-thought business idea, robust marketing, product innovation, and many other things. But one of the most important points often neglected by brand owners is ‘packaging’. 


Packaging is as important as the content of your product. An appropriate packaging adds to the product’s authenticity. Because it marks your product visibly different from others in the market.


Of late, manufacturers of bottled products are using folding cartons in large numbers. The consumer packaging industry benefits from the production of folding cartons. Folding cartons with high security and brand-enhancing features are being used by numerous big brands.


“Among the tons of positive affirmations making the folding cartons a necessity, the most prominent ones are aesthetics and security.” 

What are 3D Folding Cartons?


The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. It refers to the cartons made using folding paperboards. Not only do these cartons look fantastic, but the sustainability factor also makes them the best bet for packaging. You can also get hold of 3D folding cartons, which are popular for their embellishing 3D lens, dazzling finish, and printing effects.


Paperboard cartons tend to create a significant impact because they can be customized. You as clients can provide the designs or leave the onus on the cartons manufacturers. Before you settle upon a partner who gets you these folding cartons, there is an extensive process that needs to be taken care of, which includes the product design, aesthetic effects, and the material of the cartons.

Why Should You Choose 3D Folding Cartons?


Finally, it brings us to the question, why should you rely on 3D folding cartons? And what makes this choice better than any other normal folding carton in the market. Generally, folding cartons are not only used in the food and beverage industry, but also in the pharmaceutical, automobile, wellness, and even electrical industry. Some of the primary reasons why you should choose 3d folding cartons are:

Improves Brand Image

One of the most important reasons for switching to 3D folding cartons is that it creates a positive brand image.  Your brand’s message, product information, and logo can be printed on the cartons with highly aesthetic lenses, crystal relief images, platinum relief images, and much more.


Why 3D folding cartons from Holostik:

  • Folding cartons made with UV embossed films provide strong visibility to the product
  • A wide range of UV embossed films is available in-house for developing customized UV embossed & generic effect cartons with the help of our strategic partners.
  • In-house team of graphic designers to develop attractive artwork in the UV embossed films to grab consumer eyeballs.


3D folding cartons encompass a variety of visually enticing features giving your brand an edge over other competing brands. The folding cartons also ensure a strong shelf position in shopping malls, retail stores, and shops; hence the impact is quite far-reaching.

Safe Packaging Choice

Using materials like plastic or polyester might not be the best suggestion for product longevity, especially if you are from the food and beverage industry. Instead, switching to folding cartons ensures that the quality of the product is protected until they reach the end consumer.

Easily Transported

Lastly, it is also important to mention that the folding cartons can be transported swiftly.  The shape and durability of the folding cartons help them stack easily even in limited space. Folding cartons secure the main products from any kind of wear & tear and keep intact the content of products. Hence it is not a big problem to get them from the source to the destination.

Trust Holostik for Highest Quality Folding Cartons

Want to shift to folding cartons but are unsure which option can make a difference? Then the name to rely upon is Holostik. We boast of the most fantastic range of holographic products, and one of our stellar products, which you can rely upon, is the 3D mono carton. Our UV embossed folding cartons are designed and manufactured to amplify your product appeal and enhance your sales manifold. To know more connect with our packaging experts at 9905-124-124 or mail us at 

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